jackson 09.25.10

On the edge of the White Mountain National Forest sits the small town of Jackson, NH. As the crow flies, it’s roughly a 3 hour drive north of the metro Boston area through some of the most beautiful country in New England.

In the fall of 2010, decided to expend some energy and do a bit of hiking using Jackson as base camp. God only knows what made me take leave of my faculties to undertake such an adventure, but I did. And, it was well worth it. As much as I hate to admit it, communing with nature is one of the last simple pleasures left in life.

On the way, I passed the Old Man of the Mountain. No, it’s not some smelly old hermit or a left over hippie still trying to find the way home from Woodstock. Rather it’s a natural rock formation in the shape of a human face. Or, it was until 2003 when it collapsed. Now it’s just the “Old Pile of Rubble” that was one New Hampshire’s most beloved state symbols.

The White Mountains are at the northern end of the Appalachian Mountains, they are the most rugged mountains in New England. Even though my physiology was taxed severely, it was well worth the trip.

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