springfield 11.25.12

I’m a son of the Flatlands. Born and raised on the prairies of the Great Midwest where the seasons are defined by the planting and harvesting of the corn and soybean fields that stretch to the horizon line.

Every year, I make a pilgrimage back to Springfield, IL, the city of by birth, to celebrate Thanksgiving with my parents. Springfield is the capital city of Illinois and has been since the early 1800s. The Old Capitol Building is steeped in history. Abraham Lincoln announced his candidacy for president on the steps of this building and almost 150 years later Barack Obama did the same. One was a great president, one not so much.

One of the great trivial tidbits from Illinois politics is that the last 4 of the state’s last 7 governors have served prison terms. Can you say Bubba?

When I was home is 2012, I geared up and took a stroll around downtown Springfield.

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