prospect hill park 07.05.13

In early July, I dropped a dime on new photo gear. Even though Massachusetts was suffering from an extreme heat wave, I headed up to Prospect Hill Park in Waltham because I was itching to shoot something, anything.

The park covers natural woodlands with over 250 acres of undeveloped land. To the east are scenic views of Boston¬†while to the west are fantastic mountain vistas. Of course, in eastern Mass the term “mountain” is used somewhat loosely. At the top of one trail is an old Nike missile radar array that has been repurposed as a cellular phone tower.

Overall, the park is an interesting place with an abundance of subject matter. However, with the mercury topping well over 90 degrees, I thought it in my best interest to head down said hill after baking my ass off to find a cold beer and review my photos.

The thumbnails yield larger images.